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August 18, 2014, 11:33 pm
Scribe's a bit Behind - 1st XI Won at Hasting, a While Back
Scribe shouldn’t have played this game. The big house move was on for Sunday, too much needed doing at home and his hair is getting genuinely dishevelled in the absence of time to have it professionally shortened. Also the club was strong this week, with Huge Hugh fully available to step in. But Scribe did play. And now he regrets it.

Firstly there was the drive down with the sat nav doing Scribe all ends up sending him straight through central Bexhill before his own dreadful work in Hastings made his pick-up of JWG from Hastings station woefully late. But then we’re always late to Hastings.

A slither of football, no T-drill and an ounce of bowling practice was all we mustered before LGoW had us heading to the field after another toss win.

We welcome BMH into the side this week in place of Azbo who was to go and grab some runs for the 2s (who by all accounts had a better seam attack than their 1s).

BMH got the new nut in fact and I think he even chose his end. A current professional contract is apparently weightier on the scales than a several hundred league wickets surplus. He did start well though. A humid day saw a lot of swing for our young pro and he looked threatening from the off, the ball beating the bat frequently.

Carl started well too, making the first 8 or so overs genuinely impressive.

Faith erred first, but not by much. A fine effort to reel in a high right edge off BMH saw the ball come painfully off the thumb and away for 2.

C had one that made a slight noise as it snuck low past the opener, Scribe was interested enough to appeal, but did so alone. It was a painful one too, pinching Scribe right on the end of the right American swearing finger (which was to become significant).

It was actually a less special nut that got us underway out there, a little short and wide from the BMH, but again a bit of away movement was enough to take Adam’s edge and Scribe snaffled. This brought in Harry Finch who had a good early duel with the BMH.

Somewhere around here Scribe copped a horrid, horrid wobbler from Big C. It was a really unpleasant day to keep, the humid air causing lots of post-batter wobble with limited, low carry. After succeeding on the first load of wobblers one dipped wickedly, very late down and back in to Scribe as he was closing the gloves thumping him full on the end of that same American swearing finger. Scribe swore in pain and annoyance of the bye, but more in pain. This one was worse than usual. Scribe carried on for 3 or so overs.

During the 3 overs (known as the “Period of Scribal Heroism”) a lightly curious incident saw the opening bat Gillespie wander off ill. He would return (Scribe is told) later. But this brought in Leo Cammish who would not have the best of it. An early edge of a pretty lovely BMH nut was painfully dropped by LGoW into his own testicle, before C cut one in from outside off which Cammish injudiciously left.

Shortly after Cammish’s departure it became clear Sribe’s pain wasn’t going away and if anything was getting worse. Scribe removed the gloves to find the finger pointing slightly the wrong direction (bruising based imbalance rather than dislocation/clean break thankfully) and it really was feeling odd. Scribe reluctantly handed the gloves to Faithy and went to get some ice on it.

Now Scribe can't very well report on much of the rest of the innings, barring the snippets he saw with his hand in a bag of ice (and thanks to the Hastings facility staff for being accommodating).

Firstly Scribe saw the wobble was in full effect when an innocuous looking one went through straight to Faithy only to wobble on him such that he didn't really touch it, carrying on through him for 4 byes. That may have looked comically pants to many, but Scribe knows what it was like out there, i.e. like 'nam - if you weren't there, then you don't know, man. I'm told he did a fair job though, and there were no more byes than that one incident.

Also Scribe saw a disappointing moment when a Finch leading edge presented a fairly tough chance to Dan at mid-off. He chased back well, but as the ball dropped over his shoulder his hands diverged rather than converging to catch it. Poor Dan done royally by the sun, but that lengthened the match.

Scribe, now sufficiently concerned by the weird feeling in his finger, accepted that returning to the game wasn't really an option so carried himself off to hospital for an x-Ray. Not good for him nor this match report, as Scribe can only call it as he sees it.

A bit of a drive to the hospital, a little way out of town and upon arrival these were the key events:

 - 800mg of Ibuprofen had started kicking in and saw most of the pain go, but the finger end still felt odd;
 - The nurse wasn't impressed at my 800mg dose on an empty stomach and gave me a right telling off;
 - You feel a bit of a lemon checking in at A&E for an x-Ray of the end of a finger ahead of some lad who looked like he'd tried to head butt a boulder with his face, wobbling to and fro in clear agony;
 - The next bloke came in sporting some medieval style patchwork trousers, crudely assembled medieval style leather boots, an ill-advised ponytail/goatee combo and an even more ill-advised norsty wound to his eye. He appeared to have come from a medieval battle re-enactment. In Hastings. And had an eye wound. Ha! The irony. Scribe chuckled (quietly) and decided that the unpleasant light moans of discomfort and clearly blood/fluid sodden eye bandage were reason enough not to unleash some cheery "King Harry! You've survived! We must regroup our men and horses and resist this Norman yolk!" banter;
 - Colin's Twitter feed showed the boys were leaking some runs, but crucially had removed Finch for 89;
 - The x-Ray came back with a hint of fracturey bone distress at the base of the fingertip and the bruising had pushed the joint v slightly out of alignment, but nothing more serious and a follow up trip to hospital would be optional. You're alright chaps, thanks.

So that was that, Scribe returned to catch the end of a "wrap your own" (which sounds like an NHS campaign to get young men to take responsibility for contraception) based tea and found we'd collected all 10 wickets and thus 10 points and Hastings had posted 215. A fair chase, but runs come quickly on that outfield.

Dan and OG opened up. Morgs not looking his usual self out there, I understand he's come back from an injury, but also not much on that deck for the seamers and the boys started well.

You always get value for your shots at Horntye, with its lightning outfield and the boys set about taking advantage, frequently giving it a whack. Dan would get 88.9% of his 18 runs in boundaries, a couple of pleasing thwacks back towards the pavilion before he stepped too far across a Finn Hulbert cutter that would bowl him around his legs.

The other end OG had started with a similar dose of boundary thunking swagger, he would accrue 8 4s, most of which came off the opening bowlers, fairly comprehensively. Then at the first sign of a spinner OG decided his innings had lost all meaning and tried to end it several different ways in the first over. After he failed, despite concerted efforts to be stumped, bowled, caught or run out, he decided it might be worth trying to carry on batting, which he did rather well, more conservatively than his start. Sadly he would get what looked a really rough one off Coleman the leg spinner, a lot in the mix, but at the very least the stumps didn’t appear to be abnormally high. A cruel end to a good innings of 46.

We pumped Spuddy up to 3 today and he also looked good in good touch, solid in defence, whispy in attack, timing the ball nicely. He went to 21 off 33 pretty effortlessly before playing a fairly abject swipe at one of Doram’s first few deliveries. Lapping with Spud afterwards, he was rather annoyed with himself for that one and it was dramatically out of kilter with his useful start.

OG’s dismissal was actually the latter of those two, and indeed last of the game, commencing the Green/Wakeford partnership at 94/3. This was one of the first times these two have played a match together and possibly the first time that these two have ever batted together (though I’d have to check). Despite this unfamiliarity, Scribe was impressed by the way they gelled.

Hastings are in a perilous position, but it is not for want of decent spin bowlers on a home track that favours it, and their batting, though weaker than in recent years, is certainly not relegation calibre. Altogether their lack of results is utterly curious – they haven’t even won a match yet. I accept the overseas situation with Dave Lowery must have been a blow, but their Sulieman Benn-a-like looked pretty handy. I guess sometimes teams just get on a bad roll and things go against them.

Today one of the things that went against them was a sparklingly good partnership between Jez and Wakeford. They looked as comfortable as a bather luxuriating in one of Stuart Faith’s custom fit bathrooms against a useful spin attack. Both hit some lovely shots and as we started closing in on the target they accelerated impressively, Wakers hitting a particularly memorable six.

These chaps would end on 56 from 66 (LGoW) and 73 from 76 posting an unbeaten (as easy as) 123 run partnership. Fabulous scenes. I predict a bright future for these two.


Scribe would nurse his wounds as the boys headed off to Cuckfield.

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