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August 2, 2014, 2:14 am
A Scribal Apology
I have been remiss, dreadful, shambolic even, in the carrying out of my Scribal duties. I had not posted a report since Eastbourne away. Which is ages ago. And, even though the references to Wakers’ bowel movements make it one of my favourites, that is just poor service.

In my defence there has been a lot of tender activity at work and a house purchase and seriously how many reports have I written at this point over the years?  I inherited this job from the original Scribe some 5 years ago. Amazing.
Anyway, I’m afraid there are no reports on our pretty useful win against Brighton and Hove, which was notable for sharing the runs around the order a bit. No report on the Academy defeat (but that was a Sunday, i.e. the day of Scribal rest), where we learned Phil Salt has a lot of ability and you really don’t want to drop basic chances off him on not a lot. Nor on 60. There’s no report on the half arsed (Sunday) T20 defeat to the plucky Ansty (who are still going I think – go on lads!). There’s also no report on the dismal draw against Three Bridges, though there is a highlights video of it here:

There you can witness the worst 2 balls of Scribe’s league career, firstly running out Wakeford who was casually winning us the game, before kicking a toe crushing yorker back onto the pegs. In my defence Wakeford’s alarming inability to take heed of the word no was disappointing, but not giving up the Scribal wicket still haunts me.

Anyway, the good news, readers (if you consider it that), is that there IS a report for the East Grinstead, Bexhill (ug) and Horsham. So go read them. If you want. Or not. Your call.
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